Replacing the lakeside patio had come up in 2000, but didn't make it to the top of the priority list until 2011. In 2012, we hired Spring Lake Design, who did the patio, lawn, and general club maintenance. The club has looked great since! - April, 2017Lake Mauweehoo Club president


The realtor told us the reason his client is buying the house is because of the gardens!  - June, 2015


"Good morning, Ian, First and foremost, THANK YOU! The island looks amazing! It finally looks like it belongs with the house and the setting. Calm. This past weekend the weather was glorious, and our guests all commented on how it looked. The planters also really looked beautiful! Ethan and Austin really liked it as well, and said they can't wait to see it grow in."


"Catharine & Ian, it looks absolutely, fabulous, delightful etc., etc.! It was so great to come back and see that you came up and did all that work ahead of me coming home; the yard looking so fabulous, you did a terrific job. Everything looks just great. I just wanted to tell you how much it really was appreciated."

"Catharine and Ian. I came home to the most beautiful, stunning courtyard. Thank you so much. It's the little things that makes such a difference. What a beautiful surprise all in one weekend. I love the way it looks!"


"Catharine (and Ian) have been the landscape architects, designers and installers of the gardens that surround our home in Connecticut. They have done several major installation projects for us and maintained the garden, as well. Their work is exemplary. Their work has been toured by other landscape professionals and won great accolades."

Euphorbia with sedum amid stones

Euphorbia with sedum amid stones

"Catherine has designed several gardens and done many projects for me including designing a pool, stonework, walls, walkways, lighting, and trees. She has a fine eye for taking a vision to reality, she listens and responds to my ideas and translates them into magic. Catherine is the best at her craft and has a wonderful reputation. She has a gift for knowing what is just right for every project—beautiful results with color and texture. I would recommend her anytime to anyone. She is fabulous."


"Just want you to know how much I appreciate the hard work, good judgment, reliability, and great care you put in here - I can’t imagine that anyone could transform the place as beautifully as you did the other day! We are really lucky to have you with us.”


"I’d ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ to see such beautiful scenes in Horticulture or similar magazines - you’re a superb photographer. I really treasure these albums, and your skill in making their subject as attractive as it is.”


"Upon arriving at their property from the city and seeing a newly planted entry garden from what was ledge and brownish, thin grass: “I sat on my porch having morning coffee, watching the butterflies in the lovely garden and thought, ‘there is a God and she is good!”


Another gentleman with no interest at all in gardens (it was his wife’s idea) arrived on a Thursday night and went out to inspect their newly planted rock garden on a steep hill with a flashlight and exclaimed to his wife; “And just think, all of these plants are going to grow!” “Yes dear,” she said, "that’s the general idea!” He went on to become an enthusiastic lover of gardens over the many years we worked together. (That is very gratifying for us.)


"The garden looks superb!"

"I have your wonderful article displayed at the house. We just went under deposit. I have already talked to the buyers about you. They love the grounds and that was a big part of what attracted them to the property. Best regards."